Abrasion Modeling of
Concrete Crosstie Rail Seat

Current Research Projects


Design of Abrasion Resistant Concrete Railway Crosstie Rail Seats



Start Date:

January 2011

End Date:

December 2012

Primary Objective

  • Increase understanding of the failure mechanism of abrasion that was determined to be a feasible rail seat deterioration (RSD) mechanism under the AAR Technology Scanning Program.
  • Determine the role of different combinations of rail seat and tie pad materials on the occurrence of abrasion.
  • Develop rail seat surfaces that are resistant to abrasion.

Expected Outcomes

  • Development of an abrasion model that will act as a design tool for future concrete tie mix designs and tie pad materials.
  • Completes groundwork for a new standard test method that may be used for qualification of concrete mixtures and tie pad materials.
  • Reduced life cycle costs.
  • May lead to findings that will improve the abrasion resistance of rigid highway and airport pavements, and in general, furthering the understanding of the behavior of concrete materials.