Benjamin Freid - Graduated: May 2006 - M.S.

Benjamin Freid is a graduate of the Railroad Engineering program and accepted an Engineering Management Associate position with Amtrak in Philadelphia. Ben received his BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois in 2001 and later returned to complete his MS in Electrical Engineering in 2007. Ben combined his education in electrical and computer engineering with his knowledge of railroading to assist with joint research projects between the Railroad Engineering and Machine Vision programs at Illinois. His primary focus involved the Machine Vision for Passenger Car Undercarriage Inspection Using Multi-Spectral Imaging project. This Transportation Research Board (TRB)-funded IDEA project researched the design of an inspection system with machine vision algorithms to assist in the undercarriage inspection process in both the visible and infrared light spectra. This research has the potential to provide mechanical inspection personnel with a tool to automatically assess, monitor, and correlate the physical and thermal condition of components underneath railcars and locomotives before they cause a service disruption.




Freid, B., C.P.L. Barkan, N. Ahuja, J.M. Hart, S. Todorvic, N. Kocher. Multispectral Machine Vision for Improved Undercarriage Inspection of Railroad Rolling Stock. In Proceedings: International Heavy Haul Conference Specialist Technical Session - High Tech in Heavy Haul , Kiruna, Sweden, June 2007, pp. 737-744.