Civil Engineering Classes

CEE 598AT | Advances in Railway Technology

Rail transportation is undergoing dramatic changes in technology that are vital to its successful role in the 21st century. This is a graduate seminar course concentrating on these technological advances with a focus on understanding them and how they contribute to, and interact, to affect the overall transportation efficiency, capacity and reliability of railroads. Beyond understanding these technologies, an overarching theme is consideration of the factors that affect their implementation such as cost-effectiveness, compatibility with existing technology, etc. Topics covered include: new train control systems; high-speed passenger rail; advances in railcar and intermodal equipment design; new track systems; issues in vehicle/track interaction; "smart" systems for vehicle and track health monitoring; advances in propulsion and energy sources; new line, network control and scheduling systems, and other topics of interest.

Texts | Selected readings from recent technical journals, conference proceedings, industry & government technical reports and books

CEE 598AT is typically offered in the Spring semester.

Students in front of train students looking at track students listening