Engineering Open House

Engineering Open House - 2018

Engineering Open House (EOH) 2018 was held March 9 - 10. The theme for this 98th year was "Drafting the Future". EOH is an annual student-led event featuring two days of exciting exhibits and captivating competitions that showcase the talent and ingenuity of engineering students at the University of Illinois. The event is open to the public at no cost. Families, students, and community members were invited to come and experience the atmosphere of innovation and creativity.

Central Japan Railway had a popular rail exhibit on their new maglev system. Visiting scholar Hiroto Sunahara (right) describes to group of high school students how JRC's maglev system will work.
Students watch in rapt attention as the maglev train zooms around the track. Tom Roadcap, an Illinois graduate student, (center) explains to a group of grade school students how the intermodal game works.
Lee Evans, an Illinois undergraduate student, takes a few minutes to talk to an EOH attendee about track tools and construction. Part of the equipment that representatives from CN set up in their rail dispatching booth.
Two EOH participants try their hand at being an engineering and driving the train simulator in snowy conditions. Jake Branson, an Illinois graduate student, (right) shows a group of interested students how to use the train simulator.
RailTEC and NURail welcomed Hanson Professional Services Inc. and a group of students from Springfield, IL visiting EOH exhibits on Saturday, March 10, 2018. Siyao Luan, an Illinois graduate student, demonstrates to young EOH visitors and their parents how a rail track signaling systems works.