Current RailTEC Research Areas and Projects

 Advanced Track Engineering

  • Integration of Railroad Vehicle-Track Interaction and Dynamics Models
  • Development of Evaluation and Planning Models for Track Maintenance
  • Innovations to Improve Track System Safety and Performance

Railway Track Components 

  • Mechanistic Design Approach for Crossties and Fastening Systems
  • Failure Mode Analysis and Optimization of Components and Materials
  • Modeling, Structural Analysis, and Structural Design of Railway Track Components

Safety & Risk

  • Hazardous Materials Rail Transportation Risk Analysis
  • Tank Car Safety Design Statistical Analysis and Optimization
  • Train Accident Statistical Analysis & Big Data Analytics

Rail Network Capacity & Systems Analysis

  • Capacity Models for Mixed-Use Freight and Passenger Rail Corridors
  • Optimal Infrastructure Expansion Strategies for Increased Rail Capacity
  • Network Effects and Interaction of Terminal and Mainline Delay

Rail Operational and Energy Efficiency

  • Passenger Rail Energy Consumption and Emissions Relative to Competing Modes
  • Economic and Operating Impacts of Implementing New Locomotive Technologies
  • Optimization of Investments to Improve Passenger Rail Corridor Performance

High-Speed & Passenger Rail

  • Illinois 220-mph HSR Feasibility Study
  • Shared Passenger-Freight Rail Corridor Technical Challenges