John Friedmann


John Friedmann is Norfolk Southern's Vice President of Strategic Planning, responsible for strategic relationships with other rail carriers and managing NS's route strategy. He also oversees NS's fiber optic subsidiary and the company's two internal short lines. He completed his undergraduate degree in business at Carnegie Mellon University in 1988 and his MBA at the University of Pennsylvania in 1994. Mr. Friedmann began his rail career in 1993 as a summer intern with the Southern Pacific and joined NS in 1994 as Manager of Strategic Planning. Since then he has worked in a variety of planning, marketing, administrative and operating positions for NS including, Assistant to the Chairman, Superintendent of the Illinois Division, and Assistant Vice President Short Line Marketing. Mr, Friedmann rejoined the strategic planning group as Assistant Vice President in 2006 and was promoted to his current position in 2008.


Norfolk Southern (NS) is one of two major railroads in the eastern United States, operating approximately 21,000 route miles in 22 states and the District of Columbia. NS serves every major container port in the eastern US and has extensive connections with all the other major railroads, as well as numerous regional and short line railroads. NS also operates an extensive intermodal network and is North America's largest rail carrier of metals and automotive products. In order to better serve its customers NS continues to expand its transportation business. In the absence of mergers, NS has had to look to other methods to improve their route network. Over the past decade, NS has aggressively pursued a number of joint ventures with other railroads. Each joint venture plan was unique, and designed to achieve different goals. This presentation will review each of these ventures, what was achieved versus the objectives, and the lessons that can be learned from each.

Norfolk Southern's Joint Ventures: Speedy, Snowy or Stymied : Flier