Conference Presentations

Monday, August 4th

Session 1 - Welcome & Keynote Speakers
Andreas Cangellaris - Dean, College of Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Keynote Address
Michael Stead - Rail Safety Program Administrator, Illinois Commerce Commission
Keynote Address
Joseph Szabo - Administrator, Federal Railroad Administration
Keynote Address
Norman Carlson - Director, Metra Commuter Rail Board

Session 2A - Regulatory Approaches to Safety
Grade Crossing Safety: An Overview of the Statutory & Regulatory Framework in the U.S.
Orest Dachniwsky - BNSF Railway
An Analysis of the Effect of Implementation of Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations Part 224 on Auto Road Crossing Accidents
Tom Blankenship - Federal Railroad Administration
The Economic and Social Impact of Railroad Incidents
Hilary Konczal - Metra Commuter Railroad
Enforcement Issues Around Level Crossings: Indian Scenario
Vinod Bhatia - Ministry of Railways

Session 2B - Driver Behavior & Accidents at Crossings
Gaze Direction and Driving Behavior of Drivers at Level Crossings
Jan Grippenkoven - German Aerospace Center
Evaluation of Emerging Intelligent Transport Systems to Improve Safety on Level Crossing - An Overview
Gregoire Larue - Queensland University of Technology
Mitigating Risky Behavior of Delayed Road Users at Occupied Highway-Railway Crossings: Review of Research and Issues
Daniel Blais Transport Canada, Transportation Development Centre
eLearning: Target School Bus Drivers
Wende Corcoran - Operation Lifesaver, Inc.

Session 2C - Making the Case for Grade Crossing Improvements
Prioritizing and Funding Grade Crossing Safety Projects in the United States; An Overview of the Section 130 Program
James Dahlem - Federal Highway Administration
National Program of Railway Safety in Urban Areas
Mario Dirani - National Department of Transport Infrastructure
A Perfect Storm
Aidan Nelson - Community Safety Partnerships Ltd.

Session 3A - Crossing Safety Initiatives in Illinois: CREATE
CREATE Program Overview
Jeffrey Sriver - Chicago Department of Transportation
Focus on CREATE Grade Separation Projects
Emily Kushto - Illinois Department of Transportation
Chicago's "911 Critical Crossing" Protocol
Joe Alonzo - Chicago Department of Transportation
Case Study: 130th/Torrence Grade Separation Project
Soliman Khudeira - Chicago Department of Transportation

Session 3B - Crossing Consolidation & Closure
Development of Railroad Highway Grade Crossing Consolidation Rating Formula
Phillip Meraz - Iowa State University
Traffic Separation Studies and Crossing Consolidation
Jason Field - Moffatt & Nichol Engineers
Planning Methods for Decision-Support on Grade Separation Improvements Program in Southern California
Chiranjivi Sarma Bhamidipati - Cambridge Systematics, Inc.

Session 4A - Crossing Safety Initiatives in Illinois: Springfield/HSR
X-ITCS Implementation on the Chicago-St. Louis HrSR Corridor (IDOT)
Tom Hunter - Parsons Brinckerhoff
Rail Consolidation to Eliminate Level Crossings
Jim Moll - Hanson Professional Services
Understanding the Transition Behavior of Railroad Track at Grade Crossings on High Speed Rail Shared Corridors (UIUC)
Francesco Bedini - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Session 4B - Crossing Incident Tracking & Response
Emergency Railroad Incident Response and Investigation
Eric T. Graf - CN Railroad Police
TxDOT Incident Tracking
Brann Greager - Jacobs Engineering, Inc.
Level Crossing Fatality Rates
Andrew Evans - Imperial College London
Predicting Gate Down Violations at Crossings
Robert Rescot - Purdue University, Calumet

Tuesday, August 5th

Session 5A - Road Intersections Near Level Crossings (1)
Intersections Near Level Crossings - A U.S. Perspective
Rick Campbell - CTC, Inc.
Intersection Awareness in Illinois
Brian Vercruysse - Illinois Commerce Commission
Intersections Near Level Crossings - Texas Findings
Robert Travis - Texas Department of Transportation, Traffic Operations

Session 5B - Improving Railway and Public Safety
Two Pilot Tests for the Prevention of Railway Trespassing in Finland
Anne Silla - VTT
A Case Example on Educating Sudents on the Challenges of Urbanized At-Grade Crossings
Leslie McCarthy - Villanova University
Railroad Trespass Abatement using Drone/UAV Technology
Richard Gent - Nevada Operation Lifesaver
Railroad Chaplains - Expressing the Compassion and Care of America's Finest Railroads
Andy Bunn - Railroad Chaplains

Session 6A - Road Intersections Near Level Crossings (2)
Panel Discussion / Q & A
Rick Campbell - CTC, Inc., Brian Vercruysse - Illinois Commerce Commission, and Robert Travis - Texas Department of Transportation, Traffic Operations

Session 6B - Findings of Accident/Incident Investigations
Findings & Recommendations of 26 Coronial Investigations from 13 RLX Crashes 2002-2009 in Victoria, Australia
Terry Spicer - Rail Level Crossing (RLX) Safety Management International Pty Ltd.
Level Crossing Crash Taxonomy for Connected Vehicle Safety Research
Adrian Hellman - Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
Combination of Microscopic and Macroscopic Models for Analysis of Accidents at Railroad Grade Crossings
Juan Medina & Rahim Benekohal (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Applied Simulation for Rail Crossing Economics and Safety Analysis
Hao Zhou - Moffatt & Nichols Engineers

Session 6C - Evaluation of Grade Crossing Safety and Trespasser Prevention Projects
FRA R&D Evaluation Framework and Overview of Grade Crossing and Trespass Evaluation Projects
Michael Coplen - Federal Railroad Administration
Potential Countermeasures to Mitigate Suicides on the Railroad Rights-of-Way
Scott Gabree - Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
Global Railway Alliance for Suicide Prevention (GRASP): An International Working Group of Railway Suicide Experts
Michael Martino - Association of American Railroads
Evaluating Community-Based Approaches to Trespass Prevention
Starr Kidda - Federal Railroad Administration, David Lamm-Luhr, and Aaron Jette - Volpe National Transportation Systems Center

Session 7A - The Role of Media in Reducing Incidents
Panel Discussion
Kris Havermehl - WBBM-TV Chicago (CBS2)
Marni Pyke - Daily Herald [presentation]
Scott Gabree - Volpe National Transportation Systems Center [presentation]

Session 7B - Planning for Crossing Improvements
It's Not a Crossing, It's a Corridor
Don Sepulveda - Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Optimal Grade Crossing Project Selection for Improved Running Time on Passenger Rail Corridors
Tyler Dick - University of Illinois
Developing a Safety Program at UTA
Dave Goeres - Utah Transit Authority

Session 8A - Crossing Data Management
Data Management Technology as a Means to Optimize Grade Crossing Improvements on Transportation Infrastructure
Ric Cruz, Dylan Liverman - Tavla Solutions, Drew Thomas - North Carolina Department of Transportation
Visual Data: 3-Dimensional Laser Scanning
Phillip Daum - Engineering Systems, Inc.
Distracted Driving at Highway-Rail Grade Crossings
Aemal Khattak - University of Nebraska-Lincoln
FRA Autonomous Grade Crossing Survey System
Soheil Saadat - ENSCO, Inc.

Session 8B - Driver Response & Enforcement
Driver Behavior at Highway-Rail Grade Crossings with Passive Traffic Controls: A Driving Simulator Study
Assad Khattak - University of Tenessee, Knoxville
Driver Response to Grade Crossings and the Effects of Different Warning Types
Myounghoon Jeon - Michigan Technological University
Does Enforcement Change User Behavior
Darren Furness - NetworkRail
Using Photo Enforcement To Increase Rail Crossing Safety
Anthony Parrino & Patrick Howley - Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc.

Session 8C - Suicide Prevention
Analysis of Fatal Train-Pedestrian Collisions in Metropolitan Chicago 2004-2012
Ian Savage - Northwestern University
Preventing Railway Suicide and Trespass: A Toolbox for Evaluation and Implementation of Measures
Grigore M. Havarneanu - International Union of Railways, Anne Silva - VTT
An Evaluation of a National Suicide Prevention Programme
Ann Mills - RSSB
A Geospatial Approach to Understanding Suicides at Stations and Level Crossings
Jay Heavisides - RSSB

Wednesday, August 6th

Session 9A - Safety Issues at Private/Agricultural Crossings
Panel Discussion Session (International)
Steven Neubauer - BNSF Railway
Kevin Rund - Illinois Farm Bureau
Donal Casey - Railway Safety Commission, Ireland - [presentation]
Lei Tian - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Steve Laffey - Illinois Commerce Commission - [presentation]

Session 9B - Vehicle/Obstacle Detection (1)
Radar Vehicle Detection Within Four Quadrant Gate Crossings
Dylan Horne - Moffatt & Nichol Engineers
Radar-Based Vehicle Detection for Four-Quadrant Gate Crossing Warning Systems
Tom Hilleary - Island Radar Company LLC
Level Crossing 3D Obstacle Detection
Riccardo Dallara - SelectraVision
Vehicle Detection at Level Crossings in Illinois; History of Four Quadrant Gates in Illinois
Brian Vercruysse - Illinois Commerce Commission

Session 10A - Crossing Safety Advocacy & Awareness
Twenty Years of Railroad Safety Advocacy...and Counting
Lanny F. Wilson, M.D. - DuPage Railroad Safety Council
The Positive Effects of the Safety Program - "Train is Always Faster"
Danijela Baric - University of Zagreb
ILCAD, The Unique Worldwide Road/Rail Safety Awareness Campaign
Isabelle Fonverne - International Union of Railways
"See Tracks? Think Train!" Operation Lifesaver's National Safety Campaign Update
Joyce Rose - Operation Lifesaver, Inc.

Session 10B - Obstacle Detectors at Level Crossings: Experimental Feedback and Conditions for Success
Obstacle Detectors at Level Crossings: Experimental Feedback and Conditions for Success
Olivier Cazier - RFF
Modular Microprocessor Level Crossing Protection System Type RLC23 for Safety Integrity Level SIL4
Darko Barisic, Zvonimir Viduka - ALTPRO d.o.o.
Vital Inductive Loop Processor Detection
Rick Campbell - CTC, Inc.

Session 10C - Risk Analysis at Level Crossings
A New Cost-Benefit Methodology for Highway-Railway At-Grade Crossing Safety Programs
Ali Rezvani - Moffatt & Nichol Engineers, Drew Thomas - North Carolina Department of Transportation, Ric Cruz - Tavla Solutions
A 'Safe System' Approach to Level Crossings
Donal Casey - Railway Safety Commission
Improving Safety of Rail Operation by Exploring Risk Modeling Analysis of Accidents at Level-Crossing: Case Study of Thailand
Tongkarn Kaewchalermtong - Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy, Ataphon Kawprasert - State Railway of Thailand
Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Safety Challenges for Shared Operations
Samantha Chadwick - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Session 11A - Education & Outreach
Network Rail: Everyone Home Safe Everyday
Paul Titterton - NetworkRail
Education for Level Crossings Passerby
Taro Kitamura, Takuji Honzawa - East Japan Railway Company
Evaluation of Education and Outreach Methods and Strategies: A Case Study of a Web-Based Rail Safety Education Initiative
Suzanne Horton - Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
Changing Attitudes to Change Behavior
Leah Waymark, Naomi Fauenfelder - TrackSAFE Foundation

Session 11B - Crossing Safety Technology (1)
Extending the Approach Zone at Passive Level Crossings: Improving Train Detection and Driver Decision-Making
Christina M. Rudin-Brown - Transportation Safety Board
Preliminary Analysis of LED Enhanced Signs at a Passive Rural Level Crossing
Adrian Hellman - Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
Cooperative ITS to Improve Safety at Level Crossing
Jugdutt (Jack) Singh - La Trobe University

Session 11C - Crossing Safety Analysis & Evaluation
Benchmarking Level Crossing Safety - Why do we do it? How do we do it? And, most importantly, how can we apply what we learn?
Steve Laffey - Illinois Commerce Commission
An Analysis of the Impact of Quiet Zones on Highway-Rail Crossing Safety in the United States
Ronald Ries - Federal Railroad Administration
Quantifying Grade Crossing Condition as an Input to Modeling Safety
Teng Wang - University of Kentucky
Safety Analysis on Rail Highway At-Grade Crossing in Alabama
Jing Li - The University of Alabama

Session 12A - User Behavior at Level Crossings
Perceptions and Behavior of Non-Motorist Users at Public Railway Grade Crossings in NE Illinois: Implication for Engineering, Education, Enforcement and Evaluation
Paul Metaxatos - University of Illinois at Chicago
Understanding Community Life Around Indian Level Crossings: Addressing Level Crossing Accidents
Vinod Bhatia - Ministry of Railways (Railway Board)
Effect of Gate Skirts on Pedestrian Behavior at a Highway-Rail Grade Crossing
Marco daSilva - Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
Increasing Safety at User Worked Crossings - How Can Human Factors Be Considered in a Technical Approach?

Session 12B - Crossing Safety Technology (2)
Light Barrier on Level Crossings in the Czech Republic
Pavel Skladany, Pavel Tucka - Centrum Dopravniho Vyzkumu
Countermeasures for Derailment at Level Crossing in Winter
Takaki Kubo - East Japan Railway Company
TraxAlert Railroad Grade Crossing Warning System
David Hauser - Lightguard Systems Inc.
Efforts of Indian Railway to Reduce Level Crossing Accidents
Alok Kumar, Sanjiv Garg - Indian Railways