Technical Tour

Technical Tours will take place Tuesday afternoon, 20 June. Please read the descriptions below because you will be asked to sign up for one of the tours at the registration desk. After the technical tours, we will have our welcome reception and dinner at the University of Illinois' Memorial Stadium.

Research and Innovation Laboratory (RAIL)

RAIL currently houses multiple testing frames which provide the ability to conduct experiments on railway infrastructure and mechanical components including crossties and fastening systems. The cornerstone of RAIL is the Track Loading System which provides researchers the ability to perform static and dynamic experimentation on railway superstructure and rolling stock mechanical components and full-depth track substructures.

UIUC Research Labs

Opportunities to learn more about the College of Engineering cutting edge research and laboratory capabilities. Meet with top researchers during stops at laboratories that are relevant to the scope of RIVIT. Example stops will be the Computer Vision and Robotics Laboratory and the Newmark Structural Engineering Laboratory.

Blue Waters

Up-close look at the Blue Waters Supercomputer, other supercomputers in the machine room. Including a tour of the building infrastructure that houses the power and cooling systems that keep Blue Waters running. Visitors are welcome to take photographs.

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