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Tuesday, October 27th

Session 1 - Plenary
01 Welcome and Introduction
Christopher Barkan - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
02 Environmental Issues Affecting the Association of American Railroads
      and North American Rail Industry
Robert Fronczak - Association of American Railroads
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03 Waters of the US Rule
Matt Gernand - Norfolk Southern Railway
04 Environmental Best Way - Leading Environmental Management at BNSF
Lorraine Pack & David Smat - BNSF Railway

Session 2 - Environmental Response
05 Community Engagement and Oil Spill Mass Estimates, Lessons from
      the Lynchburg, VA Crude Oil Derailment
S. Michael Austin - CSX Transportation
Andrew McManus & Albert Buell - ARCADIS U.S., Inc
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06 Advancing Derailment Oil Spill Loss and Mass Estimates
Michael Bethge, S. Michael Austin & Chris Machenberg - CSX Transportation
Fred Payne & Andrew McManus - ARCADIS U.S., Inc.
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07 New Tools for Real-Time Decision Making and Risk Management
Marco Capodivacca, Tammy Rabideau, Patti McCall, Alison Rauss, Joel Peters & Bill Spiking - Tetra Tech
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08 Derailment Impacts to Environment and Rail Related Infrastructure
      Involving Multiple Disciplines - Keeping Small Things Small
Todd McFarland - Amec Foster Wheeler, Inc.
Dan Dyer - CSX Transportation
09 Natural Resource Damages - A Reality for Railway Operators and Insider Tips
      to Help Prevent and Resolve Associated Liabilities
Barbara Goldsmith - Barbara J. Goldsmith & Company
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10 Remediation Portfolio Management Through Value Engineering
Allen Stegman & Charles Thomas – BNSF
Fred Payne, Jon Smith, Todd O’Brien & Martina Jones – ARCADIS

Session 3 - Risk & Liability Management
11 The Shifting Regulatory Landscape Surrounding Chemicals of Historical Concern
      on Railroad Properties: Focus on Trichloroethylene, Benzo(a)pyrene and Lead
Joshua Harrill and Alan Nye - CTEH
Allen Stegman - BNSF Railway
12 Improving Contractor Safety
Lauren Mancuso - Union Pacific Railroad
13 Risk Modeling of Petroleum Crude Oil Transportation Releases
Manuel Martin Ramos and M. Rapik Saat - University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
14 Natural Resource Damages Claims: A Primer on This Potential Liability
      for the Railroad Industry
Jody Kubitz, Brian Reilly and Angie Morrow - Cardno
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15 Rail Yard Case Study: Aging Subsurface Infrastructure and Environmental Issues
Stuart Boykin – CSX Transportation
Mike Feamster & Tobias Parker – Ramboll Environ
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16 Prevention of a Diesel Fuel Release to the Environment by the Successful Design
      and Construction of a Subsurface Mitigation System
William Parry - CSX
Susan O'Brien & Sam Farnsworth - AMEC Foster Wheeler, Inc.
17 Real Estate Environmental Risk Review Programs - A Decade of Lessons Learned
John Jolly - Amec Foster Wheeler
Lori Kelley and Steven Aufdenkampe - Norfolf Southern Railway
18 Risk Panel
Gary Rozmus - GEI Consultants
Celia Ann Pfleckl & Kelsey Bergan- Amtrak
Allan Klindworth - AECOM

Session 4 - Stormwater & Wastewater
19 Improving the Performance of Oil/Water Separators
Russ McDaniel - Norfolk Southern Railway
Robert Stolt - AECOM
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20 Stormwater Utility Fee Credit Application Success for the NS Whitaker Intermodal Facility
Victoria Cheplak - Geosyntec Consultants
Troy Carpenter - Norfolk Southern Railway
21 Feasibility Evaluations: Extending the Lifespan of Oil Water Separators
Russ McDaniel - Norfolk Southern Railway
Mark C. Boland & Robert L. Griffin - Shield Engineering, Inc.
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22 Risk Profiling of Rail Operations Based Wastewater Assets
David Poole - Dillon Consulting Limited
Craig Fisher - Canadian Pacific Railway
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23 Automated Weir-Based Structures for Stormwater Systems
Russ McDaniel - Norfolk Southern Railway
Laura Thurn - AECOM
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24 Lessons learned from CP’s Wastewater and Storm Water Treatment
      Standard Implementation Study
Ted Bailey - Aureus Solutions Inc.
Craig Fisher - Canadian Pacific Railway
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25 Oil/Water Separator Design Selection Top 10 List!
Russ McDanial - Norfolk Southern Railway
Chris Evensen - AECOM
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Session 5 - Environmental Planning of Passenger and Freight Rail Projects
26 Enhancing Rail Project Planning Through Effective NEPA/NHPA Review
Brandon Gabler, Kevin Keller and Alan Stanfill - HDR
Derin Warren - BNSF Railway
Keith Brinker - CSX Transportation
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27 Phased Section 106 Consultation
Barbara Frost & Amber Taylor - Trans Systems

Session 6 - Sustainability
28 Taking a Sector-based Approach to Sustainability
Michael Gullo - Railway Association of Canada
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29 Thornton Yard Geobag Sludge Management - Sustainability Initiative
Richard Johns & Francisco Perello - Keystone Environmental Ltd.
David Brogliatto - CN
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30 Establishing a Corporate Baseline for Recycling and Monitoring Progress
Kelsey Gibbons & Laura Fotiou - Amtrak
31 CSX Contributes to Oyster Reef Restoration in the Chesapeake Bay
      With Delivery of Fossilized Shells
Meaghan Atkinson - CSX Transportation
32 Making Engagement Shine
Jim Brannen - Union Pacific Railroad
33 Effectively Incorporating Sustainability in Freight Rail and Transit Design:
      Using the Envision™ Manual in the Decision Making Process
John Lazzara & Janet Gonzalez - HDR
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Wednesday, October 28th

Session 7 - Plenary
36 Railroad Environmental Attorney Issues
Evelyn Nackman - Association of American Railroads
37 Update on Future Fuels
Mike Iden - Union Pacific Railroad
38 Conference Keynote Address
Michael Rush - Association of American Railroads

Session 8 - Remediation-General
39 Column Study for Evaluation of In-Situ Iron Fouling...
      A Cautionary Tale of Aquifer Blockage
Ryan Oesterreich & Mark Klemmer - ARCADIS U.S., Inc.
William Parry - CSX Transportation
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40 Determining Applicable Cleanup Criteria when None Exist: Back Diffusion
      from Soil to Groundwater
Fred Payne, Mark Klemmer & Scott Potter - ARCADIS U.S., Inc.
William Parry - CSX Transportation
41 Environmental Remediation In a Fish Bowl: Conducting a Remediation
      in the Midst of a Complex Transaction
John Gullace - Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox, LLP
Michael Lambert - Geosyntec Consultants
William Parry - CSX Transportation
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42 Bioremediation of Weathered Crude Oil in Complex Soils:
      A Southern Minnesota Field Study
Jeff Powell & Keith Rapp - Pinnacle Engineering
John Giebenhain - Canadian Pacific Railway
43 Norfolk Southern Sustainable Remediation Program - Ters, Tools & Tests
Amanda McNally & Dave Woodward - AECOM
Scott Pittenger - Norfolk Southern Railway
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44 Aesthetic Impact Mitigation at a Sugar Spill Site in a Residential Setting in Louisiana
Tracey Hall - AECOM
Steve Aufdenkampe - Norfolk Southern Railway
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Session 9 - Remediation-Specific
45 Meeting the Critical Deadline while Implementing a Trio of
      Multi-million Dollar Remedies: Collaboration Required
Rebecca Robbennolt, Scott Murphy & Mark Klemmer - ARCADIS U.S., Inc.
William Parry - CSX Transportation
46 Directed Groundwater Recirculation ... Fast Track to Site Closure
Scott Murphy, Mark Klemmer & Rebecca Robbennolt - ARCADIS U.S., Inc.
William Parry - CSX Transportation
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47 15 Years Later: Tree-Assisted Creosote Remediation at the Former Tennessee
      Railroad Rail-Tie Yard in Oneida, Tennessee
Barry Harding - AECOM
Steven Aufdenkampe - Norfolk Southern Railway
Mark Widdowson & John Novak - Virginia Tech
48 How to Remediate a Long-Term Release of Residual Petroleum Hydrocarbons to
      Groundwater using a Permeable Adsorption Barrier Union Pacific
      Railroad Colfax Yard, Colfax, CA
David Hodson & John Skwiot - CH2M HILL
Lauren Mancuso - Union Pacific Railroad
49 Use of Reactive Minerals to remediate Chlorinated Solvents in Groundwater
      at a Locomotive Repair Shop
Barry Christian & Matthew Zenker - AECOM
Curtis Bartz - CN

Session 10 - Remediation-LNAPL
50 Automated LNAPL Baildown Testing Equipment: Better, Cheaper, Safer Data
Andrew Pennington, Jonathon Smith & Brad Koons - ARCADIS U.S., Inc.
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51 The Importance of Single Well Conceptual Models
Trevre Andrews - CH2M HILL
52 Estimating Natural Source Zone Depletion Rates From Subsurface Temperature Data
Jonathon Smith, Tim Wippold & Brad Koons - ARCADIS U.S., Inc.
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53 An Interactive Tool for Visualizing High Resolution LNAPL Characterization Results
Bryan Van Duinen & Wayne R. Amber – Geosyntec Consultants
Steven Aufdenkampe – Norfolk Southern Railway
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54 Pathway to Closure at Sites with LNAPL: A Case Study
Jonathon Smith, Lauren Alkidas & Colleen Barton - ARCADIS U.S., Inc.
Neil Ferrone - Consolidated Rail Corporation
Daniel Dyer - CSX Transportation
Steven Aufdenkampe - Norfolk Southern Railway
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55 Demonstrating the Effectiveness of NSZD Compared to Hydraulic LNAPL Recovery
Steven Gaito & Mark Klemmer - ARCADIS U.S., Inc.
William Parry - CSX Transportation
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Session 11 - Noise & Vibration
56 Use of Real-time Noise and Vibration Monitors Adjacent to Rail Corridors
Ben Coulson - RWDI Air, Inc.
57 How to Deal with Rail Vibration
Frank Babic, Alfredo Rodrigues & Buddy Ledger - Amec Foster Wheeler, Inc.
58 Virginia Avenue Tunnel Reconstruction Noise Analysis
Keith Brinker & Rick Nath – CSX Transportation
Ahmed A. El-Aassar – Environmental Acoustics, A Division of Gannett Fleming Inc.
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Session 12 - Environmental Management Systems
59 Avoiding Run to Failure- Development of a Program for Wastewater Treatment Plant
      Preventative Maintenance Standardization
Erica Adair - ENVIRON International Corporation
Jeff Buchanan - CSX Transportation
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60 Laying Tracks for EH&S Performance
Allen Stegman - BNSF Railway
Glenn Mayer - E2 ManageTech
61 A Real-time and Forecast Puff Dispersion Modelling System that Models Accidental
      Atmospheric Release Events from Rail Cars
Ron Chapman & Francoise Robe - Rowan Williams Davies & Irwin, Inc.
Martin Bundred - Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development
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62 A New EHS Process in Environmental Management
John Grogan - Union Pacific Railroad
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Session 13 - Energy, Emission, & Air Quality
63 Methods of Analyzing and Comparing the Energy Efficiency of
      Passenger Rail Systems to Competing Modes
Tyler Dick & Giovanni C. DiDomenico - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
64 Air Quality during Railroad Tunnel Construction Activities in an urban Evironment
Billy Bullock - CSX Transportation
Dyron Hamlin - GHD
65 Addressing the New CEQ Guidance on Climate Change:
      Examples of Climate Impact Analysis on Railroad Projects
Michael Savonis, Christopher Evans, Alan Summerville & Elizabeth Diller – ICF International
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Session 14 - Compliance
66 Program Improvements for Norfolk Southern’s Environmental Auditing Program
Eric Chang - Norfolk Southern Railway
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67 Clean Water Act Compliance Training - Cultivating a Culture of Compliance
Kenneth Richardson - ARCADIS U.S., Inc.
Eric Chang - Norfolk Southern Railway
68 Challenges and Successful Asbestos Abatement for Nine Box cars
Rick Nath - CSX Transportation
Roy Stancil - AECOM
69 CSXT Air Permitting Success - Phosphate Fertilizer Facility
William Karl - Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc
Meaghan Atkinson– CSX Transportation
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70 Compensatory Wetland and Stream Mitigation:
      Information That You Can Take to the Bank
Mary Motte Fikri & W. Troy Neisz - Amec Foster Wheeler, Inc.
Rick Nath – CSX Transportation
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71 Proactive Measures Taken to Prepare Facilities for Regulatory Inspections
Gaymeon Gibson - Norfolk Southern Railway
Mark Neal & James Barry - Cardno
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Session 15 - Derailment Panel
72 CN Perryvile Incident and Response Panel
Brian Hayden - CN
John Kind - Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health, LLC
Jamie Krejsa & David Czayka - EnviroScience, Inc.
Todd O'Brien - ARCADIS U.S., Inc.

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