2016 Conference Proceedings

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Tuesday, November 1st

Session 1 - Plenary
00 Welcome and Introduction
Christopher Barkan - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
01 Environmental Issues Affecting the North American Railroads
Robert Fronczak - Association of American Railroads
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02 A Sheen, A Seep, A Mystery - A Case Study on the Importance of Developing a Strong Conceptual Site Model based on Multiple Lines of Evidence
Jay Diebold & Charles Zimney - Golder Associate, Inc
Curtis Bartz & Stella Karnis - CN
03 The Benefits of a Rails to Trails Program
Sam Ross & Matt Coffing - CSX Transportation, Inc

Session 2 - Remediation
04 Disposal Minimization Strategies for Metals and TPH Impacted Soil for a 240-acre Railyard Redevelopment Project
Brian Magee & Chris Wright - ERM
Lauren Mancuso - Union Pacific Railroad
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05 Ending the O&M Cycle
Andrew Robinson & Richard Adams - Arcadis
William Parry - CSX Transportation, Inc.
06 Use of Cement-Based Binders for Chemical Stabilization of Metals -Impacted Railbed Materials
Della Berwanger - Canadian Pacific Railroad
Steve Desrocher - Golder Associates, Inc
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07 Construction Soil Evaluation Program
Geoffrey Reeder - Union Pacific Railroad
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08 Aggresive Action at Dump Site Avoiding Superfund Liability
Tyler McNabb, Leroy Loenard & Duane Graves - Geosyntec Consultants, Inc
Daniel Dyer - CSX Transport
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09 Bioavailability Studies of PAHs in Soil Can Reduce Clean-Up Costs
Brian Magee, Norman Forsberg & Glenn Hoeger - Arcadis

Session 3 - Remediation - LNAPL/ Ecological Conservation
10 Rapid Site Characterization and Conceptual Site Model Development in Light of Data Quality Failure
L Christopher Oakes - Norfolk Southern Railway
Matthew Senker & Mark Holsing - AECOM
11 In-Site Thermal Remdiation at Complex DNAPL Candian Rail Yard Site
Jeremy Coughlin & LeeAnn Thomas - Canadian Pacific Railway
Peter Kornelsen & John LaChance - Arcadis
12 Surfactant Enhanced Recovery of Separate-Phase Petroleum Hydrocarbons
Richard Mohlenhoff - Amtrak
Charlie McGuckin - Roux Associates, Inc
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13 Construction of Remedy to Address NAPL Migration to Great Lakes and Meet Michigan Groundwater-Surface Water Interface Criteria
Jeff Gentry & Tom Hutchinson - CH2M HILL
Geoffrey Reeder - Union Pacific Railroad
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14 Leveraging existing Relationships with Regulators to Achieve Win-Win Outcomes: CP's Environmental Response to Record Floods
Joe Van Humbeck - Candian Pacific Railway
Kasey Clipperton - Golder Associates, Inc
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Session 4 - Ecological Conservation
15 Post-Remediation Habitat Restoration Provides Long-term Benefits to an Underutilized Site : A Case Study of the CSXT Valley Park Conservation Certification Project
Rick Jensen & Paul Botek - Geosyntec Consultants
William Parry - CSX Transportation, Inc
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16 Reconstruction of an Ecosystem, Cheakamus River Sodium Hydroxide Derailment - 10 Years Later
Luanne Patterson - CN
17 Assessing the Potential for Toxic Effects on Sensitive Aquatic Habitat Following a Coal Train Derailment
Christina Chan, Shannon Bard, Francisco Perello & Jennifer Trowell - Keystone Environmental Ltd
Karla Graf - CN
18 Finding Opportunities for Habitats in Rights-of-Way
Iris Caldwell - University of Illinois-Chicago
Bob Toy - Union Pacific Railway
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19 Railways and Fish - How to Protect and Enhance Fish Habitat Values at Stream Crossings through Project Design
Chris Dane - Canadian Pacific Railway
Trevor Welton - Hemmera Envirochem Inc
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Session 5 - Environmental Analytical Issues
20 Using the Bioaccessibility of Arsenic in Soil as a Risk Assessment Tool at Arsenic Impacted Railroad Sites
Mellisa Powers & Curt Wolf - TRC Companies, Inc
Maura Matthews - CN
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21 Using Laser-Induced Flourescence Frozen Core Analysis (LIFFCA) to Improve NAPL Conceptual Site Models
Jeff Gentry & Michael Niemet - CH2M HILL
Randy St Germain - Dakota Technologies, Inc
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22 Environmental Forensics: Applications for the Railroad Industry
Aaron Peacock - Pace Analytical Services
23 Untapped Power of Data Validation
Erin Rodgers - Environmental Standards
L. Christopher Oakes - Norfolk Southern Railway
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24 Petroleum Hydrocarbon Impacted Sites: Quantifying Presence of Naturally Occuring Methane Gas and Implications for Site Restoration Efforts
Allan Horneman, Mark Klemmer, Monica Heintz & Julie Sueker - Arcadis
William Parry - CSX Transportation, Inc

Session 6 - Noise and Vibration / Passenger Rail & Transit
25 VAT Reconstruction Noise and Vibration Monitoring Plan
Rick Nath - CSX Transportation, Inc
Ahmed El-Aassar - Gannett Fleming, Inc
26 Addressing Rail Noise and Vibration Concerns in Downtow Areas near Historic Properties
Jacob Polling & Erich Thalheimer - WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff
27 Keeping the FRA Happy Environmental Permitting on Intercity Passenger Rail Corridor Projects
Kevin Keller - HDR
Emily Stock - Virginia Deartment of Rail and Public Transportation
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28 DC2RVA: Railway Environmental Analysis and Compliance through ArcGIS Online (AGOL)
Bridget Ward & Leandra Cleveland - HDR
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29 Texas Central Railway: An Innovative Approach to Engineering and Environmental Design Coordination under NEPA
Keith Seymour & Jesus Serrano - Arup
Rick Zarate - Freese and Nichols
Shaun McCabe - Texas Central Partners
Session 7 - Risk & Liability Management
30 Increasing Rail Safety by Prioritizing Risk Based on High Consequence Areas
Heidi Tillquist - Stantec
31 Proactive Project Tracking Strategies to ensure Efficient Management of Liabilities
Aimee Zack - Canadian Pacific Railway
Shalene Thomas - Arnec Foster Wheeler, Inc
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32 Modeling Crude-by-Rail Releases Overland and into Aquatic Environments to Assess Risk
Matthew Horn, Jeremy Fontenault & Jenna Ducharme - RPS ASA
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33 Asbestos Management Applied Analytical Methods on Railroad Operations
Susana Lizcano & Blake Knight - Union Pacific Railroad
Tracy Bramlett - IHST Inc
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34 Railroad Real Estate Acquisitions: Due Diligence and Liability Mitigation
Samuel Ross & Coley Campbell - CSX Transportation, Inc
Aaron Getchell - Gannett Fleming, Inc

Wednesday, November 2nd

Session 8 - Plenary
35 Leveraging Technology: 3-D Laser Recordation for Historic Structures, Brooklyn Subdivision Bridge, Oregon
Stephen Cheney & Kevin Rice - Union Pacific Railroad
Lori Durio Price - CH2M Hill
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36 Major Crude Oil Derailment Transitioned to Monitoring Only in Less Than Ten Months
Greg Jeffries - BNSF Railway
Rodd O'Brien & Ali Wright - Arcadis
37 AAR Environmental Excellence Awards
Robert Fronczak - Association of American Railroads

Session 9 - Compliance & Permitting
38 Threatened and Endangered Species: You Think You are Covered? Think Again!
Richard Nath - CSX Transportation, Inc
Jonathan Allen - Amec Foster Wheeler, Inc
Dave Czakya - EnviroScience, Inc
Lauren Shaffer - Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc
39 Using a Programmatic Agreement as a Bridge to the Future: Streamlining Historic Clearance for Hundrends of Wooden Trestle Bridges
Raghu Chatrathi - CSX Transportation, Inc
Marty Marchaterre - Amec Foster Wheeler, Inc
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40 Hurricane Sandy Raises the Yards, Permitting Raises the NEPA Bar
Joshua Gillespie & Jean-Philippe Magron - HDR
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41 Maintaining Environmental Compliance during a Natural Disaster: CSX Transportation's Emergency Response to the Historic South Carolina Flooding
Matt Adkins, Rick Nath & Jacob Metcalf - CSX Transportation, Inc
Lance Rasnake & Troy Neisz - Amec Foster Wheeler, Inc
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42 Design and Permitting Coordination to Reduce Environmental Permitting Requirements, UPRR Salt Creek Bridge, Southern California
Steve Cheney & Kevin Rice - Union Pacific Railroad
Janet Hill & James Gorham - CH2M HILL
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43 Using a PMP Approach to Attain TMDLs - (An Update to the PMP Approach to PCB Loading Reduction at Two Amtrak Facilities)
Craig Caldwell - Amtrak
Frank Aceto - Stantec
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Session 10 - Passenger Rail & Transit
44 Rethinking Environmental Mitigation Costs - Achieving Cost Reduction and Meeting Environmental Challenges on Chicago's High Speed Rail Project
Stephen Cheney - Union Pacific Railroad
Jeffrey Frantz - CH2M Hill
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45 How Well Do You Know Lab Reports? - Making Sense Out of Seemingly Simple Lab Reports
Erin Rodgers - Environmental Standards
L Christopher Oakes - Norfolk Southern Railway

Session 11 - Sustainability
46 Railroad Sustainability Panel
John Lovenberg - BNSF Railway
Bob Toy - Union Pacific Railroad
Beth Termini - Amtrak
Carl Gerhardstein - CSX Transportation, Inc
Esi Langston - Norfolk Southern Railway

Session 12 - Sustainability
47 Title to be Determined
Scott Nadler - Nadler Strategy
48 Benefits from Incorporating a Green Approach at Two CSX Intermodal Terminals
Hugh Perry - CSX Intermodal Terminals, Inc
Sarah Elsokkary & Diane Nguyen - Arcadis
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49 Norfolk Southern's Combined Heat/Power Energy Improvement Project
Bill Hodan - Amec Fosther Wheeler, Inc
Russell McDaniel & Esi Langston - Norfolk Southern Railway
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50 L'Anse Waste Diversion and Cost Savings Initiative
Kurt Wirgau & Rachel Marcum - Heritage Interactive Services
51 Questions and Discussion
Session 13 - Energy, Emissions & Air Quality / Environmental Response
52 California Air Update - Implications for all Roads
Kevin Maggay - BNSF Railway
Bob Toy - Union Pacific Railroad
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53 Building an Air Compressor Strategy That Pays
Ben Crandall & Eric Kaplan - Union Pacific Railroad
54 Air Regulatory Program Inspections at Railyards
Amanda Marruffo - BNSF Railway
Emmett Keegan & Michael Lawrence - TRC Companies, Inc
[summary] [presentation]
55 Improving Mass Balance Through Test Burns
Michael Bethge - CSX Transportation, Inc
Frederick Payne & Andrew McManus - Arcadis
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56 Vulnerability Analysis Expanded Capabilities in Spill Response
Karen Adams - CSX Transportation, Inc
Sarah Elsokkary & Tiffanee Grumbly - Arcadis
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57 Utilizing the National Incident management System (NIMS) and the Incident Command System (ICS) in a Major Derailment
Clay Pachecho - Amec Foster Wheeler, Inc
Chris Machenberg - CSX Transportation, Inc
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Session 14 - Environmental Response
58 CN's Environmental Response to the Gogama Derailments
Aaron Stadnyk - CN
Dan Murray, Brad Free & Ryan Shepherd - GHD
59 Spill Response Planning and Readiness Assessments
Eric Chang - Norfolk Southern Railway
Jeff Pierce - AECOM
60 Integrated Environmental Risk Assessments of Crude Oil Releases in Northern Ontario
Andrew Pawlisz & Laura Lawlor - GHD
Aaron Stadnyk - CN
61 What We Learned from Ethanol Train Derailment Fires
Michael Hildebrand - Hildebrand and Noll Associates, Inc
Wade Narin van Court - TRC Companies, Inc
[summary] [presentation]
62 Saving the Vermonter: How Teamwork and Coordination Led to a Successful Derailment Response and Locomotive Recovery
Jeffrey LaRock & Ryan Jorrey - TRC Companies, Inc
Robert Graham - Amtrak

Session 15 - Stormwater & Wastewater
63 Innovative Approach to Facility Site Plan Development for Storm Water Permit Compliance
Keith Woodburne, Carlisle Haworth, Steve Huvane & Christian Herencia - TRC Companies, Inc
Edward Phillips - BNSF Railway
[summary] [presentation]
64 Amtrak Lancaster Tunnel Discharge Elimination System - An Innovative Approach to Prevent Groundwater Infiltration from Entering the Combined Sewer System
Brian Sariano - Amec Foster Wheeler, Inc
Craig Caldwell - Amtrak
[summary] [presentation]
65 Ultrafilter Pilot Study
Lara Thurn & Lucy Pugh - AECOM
Russ McDaniel - Norfolk Southern Railway
66 Stormwater Quality Improvements - Technology and Opportunities in Discharge Compliance
Bryan Robinson - Union Pacific Railroad
67 Meeting the Challenges of Upgrading an Aging Railyard Stormwater System
Devin Sprinkle & Kari Harris - CN
Beau Perry & Kevin Kowalchuk - TRC Companies, Inc
[summary] [presentation]
68 Automated Car Wash Water System
Ansley Grantham & Lara Thurn - AECOM
Russ McDaniel - Norfolk Southern Railway
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