Please note, not all authors gave permission to post their presentations online.

Tuesday 24 October

Session 1: Plenary Session
1.1 Welcome and Introduction
Christopher Barkan - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Robert Fronczak - Association of American Railroads
1.3 Solar PV Feasibility Study at a Rail Maintenance Facility
Rob Bukowski & Tim Kessler - Amec Foster Wheeler
Robert Graham - Amtrak
1.4 Improving Competitiveness through Sustainable Innovation and Strategy
Timothy Lindsey - Highlander Innovation Inc
Session 2: Remediation
2.1 Assessment and Remediation of a Historical Spill of Lead and Zinc Ore Concentrate
Della Berwanger - Canadian Pacifc Railway
Stefan Humphries - SNC-Lavalin
2.2 Environmental Remediation Panel Review Initiative; CN's Success Story
Brad Koons - AECOM
Matthew Rousseau - GHD
Carolyn David & Stella Karnis - CN Railway
Kevin Peterburs - Union Pacifc Railroad
Todd O'Briend - Arcadis U.S., Inc
Jonathon Smith, Brad Koons, Ron Holm & Randy Sillan - AECOM
Gregory Jeffries - BNSF Railway
2.5 DNAPL Baildown Testing: Identifying the Mobile Interva
Steven Gaito, Meta Bergwall & Margaret Zebley - AECOM
Yueh Chuang - BNSF Railway
Robert Toy & Anne Theriault - Union Pacifc Railroad
Jeff Gentry - CH2M HILL
Session 3: Remediation
David Brogliatto & Mike Linder - CN Railway
Christina Chan, Francisco Perello, Cam Patterson & Jason Christensen - Keystone Environmental Ltd
3.2 The Use of Sustainable Remediation Tools to Support Enhanced In Situ Bioremediation Using 02 Coupled With MNA at a Methyl Ethyl Ketone Spill
Joe Van Humbeck - Canadian Pacific Railway
3.3 Combining In Situ Chemical Oxidation and In Situ Solidification for Coal Tar - Synergy or Conflict?
Mark Klemmer, Adam Chwalibog & Andy Baumeister - Arcadis U.S., Inc
Heather Prentice - Consumers Energy
Timothy Adams - Roux Associates, Inc.
Dave Modrowski - Union Tank Car Company
3.5 The Oleophilic Bio Barrier: Sustainably Preventing Oil Sheens on Waterways
Marc Chalfant & Shannon Dunn - Arcadis U.S., Inc
Tom Sale - Colorado State University
Session 4: Remediation
4.1 Panel: LNAPL Management: Are We Getting Science-Based Regulation?
Stella Karnis - CN Railway
Kevin Peterburs - Union Pacifc Railroad
Scott Pittenger - Norfolk Southern Railway
Charles Thomas, BNSF Railway
Mike Hawthorne, GEI Consultants
Brad Koons, AECOM
Andy Pennington, Arcadis U.S., Inc
Session 5: Sustainability
Rick Zarate, Richard Aldredge, Don Yarborough, Brett Bristow & Edward Fasuio Freese and Nichols, Inc
5.2 Extraordinary Challenges Require Extraordinary Partnerships: Outcomes and Lessons Learned From the CP - Parks Canada Joint Initiative on Grizzly Bear Mortality
Joe Van Humbeck - Canadian Pacific Railway
Loni Waldner - Golder Associates, Inc.
Karla Graf - CN Railway
Robert Toy, Cameron McGovern & Ryan Schaefer - Union Pacific Railroad
5.5 Time and Tide Wait for No Man - A Process for Rail Industry Climate Adaptation
Frank Ricciardi & Julie Eaton - Weston & Sampson Engineers, Inc.
Session 6: Energy, Emissions & Air Quality / Environmental Management
Michael Gullo & Enrique Rosales - Railway Association of Canada
6.2 The Increase Influence of Background Air Quality on Compliance
Dyron Hamlin - GHD
Billy Bullock - CSX Transportation, Inc
Ashley Schroeder - EA Engineering, Science, & Technology
Sylvain Hains & Francois Beaudoin - Golder Associates, Inc.
Frederic Gauthier & Carolyn David - CN Railway
Jason Diamond - Arcadis U.S., Inc.
Erik Henderson - CSX Transportation, Inc
Session 7: Passenger Rail Transit
Mittul Patel & Kenneth Duffy - BEM Systems, Inc
7.2 DC2RVA to Atlantic Gateway: Accelerating Project Components to Capitalize on Funding Opportunities
Leandra Cleveland & Carey Wilson - HDR Engineering, Inc.
David Poole - Dillon Consulting Limited
Joe Van Humbeck - Canadian Pacific Railroad
Todd Bridgeo & Joseph Spencer - Weston & Sampson Engineers, Inc.
Session 8: Sustainability
John Abelson - University of Illinois
Tami Bond - University of Illinois
Jeremy Guest - University of Illinois
Yanfeng Ouyang - University of Illinois

Wednesday 25 October

Session 9: Plenary Session
Michael Iden - Union Pacifc Railroad
Craig Fisher - Canadian Pacifc Railroad
Alois Kostelnik - Arcadis U.S., Inc.
Sean Stuart - Stantec Consulting Corporation
Luanne Patterson - CN Railway
Session 10: Compliance & Permitting
Susana Lizcano - Union Pacifc Railroad
Tracy Bramlett - IHST, Inc.
10.2 Virginia Avenue Tunnel Construction and Cultural Resources Mitigation
Susan Bupp - Clark/Parsons Joint Venture
William Parry - CSX Transportation, Inc
Chris Moelter, Alan Summerville & Hova Woods - ICF International
Derin Warren - BNSF Railway
Kari Harris - CN Railway
10.4 Panel: Recent Lessons Learned in Compliance and Permitting

Session 11: Risk & Liability Management
David Patten - Norfolk Southern Railway
Brian Magee, Norman Forsberg & Meredith Forsberg - Arcadis U.S., Inc
George Naslas & Frank Ricciardi - Weston & Sampson Engineers, Inc.
Peter Masson - Antea Group
Cary Hiles - Genesee & Wyoming Railroad Services, Inc
Coley Campbell - CSX Transportation, In
Rick Adams - Arcadis U.S., Inc
Robert Noel de Tilly, Matt Burns & Peter Howard - WSP | Parsons Brinckerho
Frederic Gauthier, Stella Karnis, Carolyn David & Isabelle Paquette - CN Railway
Session 12: Environmental Analytical Data Applications
Barry Harding - AECOM
Steven Aufdenkampe - Norfolk Southern Railway
12.2 Application of Incremental Sampling Methodology at an Active Rail Facility in Montana
Jonathan Burton & Shannon Dunn - Arcadis U.S., Inc.
Yueh Chuang & Mark Engdahl - BNSF Railway
12.3 Less Rain, More Gain: Predictive LNAPL Recovery through Precipitation Tracking
Maureen Roth, Bryan VanDuinen & Wayne Amber - Geosyntec Consultan
Steven Aufdenkampe - Norfolk Southern Railway
12.4 A Rising Issue: Chemical Oxygen Demand in Stormwater Outfalls that Discharge to Tidally-Infuenced Waterway
Karen Adams - CSX Transportation, Inc
Kevin Sullivan & Jenna Raup - TRC Engineers, Inc
Erin Rodgers - Environmental Standards, Inc
Session 13: Environmental Response
13.1 UPPR Mosier Derailment - Implementation of In-situ Biosparging to Achieve Remedial Action Objects in an Accelerated Time Frame
Robert Toy, Anne Theriault & Gary Honeyman - Union Pacific Railroad
Nathan Williams - CH2M HILL
13.2 Silica Monitoring during Coal Train Derailments
Dyron Hamlin - GHD
Mark Dudle - Norfolk Southern Railway
William Parry - CSX Transportation, Inc.
Michael Nasca & Ben Girard - Arcadis U.S., Inc.
13.4 Panel: GRP's and a Class I Perspective
Colin McWilliams - BNSF Railway
Tony Houdyshell - Canadian Pacific Railroad
Steve McNealy - KCS Railway
Michael Algotts - Union Pacific Railroad
Devin Sprinkle - CN Railway
Bill Parry - CSX Transportation, Inc
Brian Naranjo - Norfolk Southern Railway
13.5 Derailment Response - Coordination Across Multiple Agencies to Complete Rapid Site Remediation and Regulatory Closure
Dan Dyer - CSX
Todd McFarland - Amec Foster Wheeler
13.6 Development of Job Safety Analysis Aids for Top 40 Rail HAZMAT Commodities
Bryan Naranjo & Robert Wood - Norfolk Southern Railway
Scott Skelton - Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health, LLC
Session 14: Stormwater & Wastewater
Christopher Beranek - Norfolk Southern Railway
Robert Stolt & Lara Thurn - AECOM
Casey Felder - BNSF Railway
Chris Evensen - Arcadis U.S., Inc.
Rich Niles - Amec Foster Wheeler
Rich Mohlenhoff & Rob Graham - Amtrak
14.4 From Paper to Reality - Lessons Learned from CP's Internalization of Wastewater and Stormwater O&M
Craig Fisher - Canadian Pacific Railroad
Ted Bailey - Aureus Solutions, Inc
Session 15: Ecological Conservation
Robert Turner - GHD
Seble Afework - CN Railway
15.2 Reducing Wildlife-Train Collisions with a Train-Triggered Warning System
Jonathan Backs, John Nychka & Colleen St. Clair - University of Alberta
15.3 Measuring Pollinator Habitat in Rights-of-Way
Iris Caldwell - University of Illinois at Chicago
Neil Palmer - Neil Palmer & Associates LLC
Sean Markey & Daniel Ley - Arcadis U.S., Inc.
Rick Nath - CSX Transportation, Inc
Janet Hill - Arcadis U.S., Inc.
Steve Cheney & Kevin Rice - Union Pacific Railroad
Gretchen Herron & Doug Urry - CH2M HILL