Call for Presentations

2013 Railroad Environmental Conference - November 5-6, 2013

We are accepting abstracts for the 2013 RREC now!

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We are soliciting presentations for the 2013 Railroad Environmental Conference. Interested persons are encouraged to submit abstracts on railroad environmental and energy topics. Papers on railroad applications in the following areas are particularly encouraged. Please click HERE to submit an abstract.

  • * Environmental Management Systems
  • * Energy, Emissions & Air Quality
  • * Risk and Liability Management
  • * Pollution Prevention
  • * Environmental Training
  • * Compliance
  • * Risk Management
  • * Remediation
  • * Noise and Vibration
  • * Environmental Response
  • * Waste Treatment & Management
  • * Stormwater & Wastewater
  • * Passenger Rail & Transit Environmental Topics
  • * Short Line & Regional Railroad Environmental Topics
  • * Railcar Manufacturing & Maintenance
  • * Special Topic Panels

Please complete and submit abstracts by March 1, 2013. Submissions will be reviewed by the 2013 RREC Planning Group and be considered for inclusion in the program of the 2013 conference to be held 5-6 November on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus.

If you are interested in organizing a special topic panel discussion, please write a brief abstract and identify four to six individuals that you would suggest as participants

Instructions for Submittal:

Please click HERE to submit an abstract.

Abstract Submission Guidelines:

In discussion with railroaders and consulting engineers regarding the technical content of the conference program, several factors and philosophies have consistently been articulated. Presentation topics should be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Please contact Kimberley Schlichting if you have any questions on submitting an abstract