Risk & Liability Management (cont.): Moderator: Stella Karnis - CN
Kevin Keller - HDR
Room: Illini Rm A - 1:30 to 3:30

Speaker Presentation Title
Michael Kraeski
Matt Graham
Facility Decontamination, Demolition and Decommissioning; How to Maximize Assets, Identify Costs and Minimize Risks
Tim D. Westgate
Paul J. Kurzanski
Daniel S. Dyer
Determination of Environmental Liability Costs During Railway Divestitures in Canada
Brian Magee Proposed EPA Changes in the Toxicological Assessment of Benzo(a)pyrene and the Potential Impact on Corrective Actions at Railroad Sites
John Gullace
William Parry
Julia B. Herron
Michael T. Feamster
Managing Environmental Risks When Third-Parties Seek Access to Your Site
Timothy Wippold
Carl Akins
Miguel Antonio Flores Puente
Risk and Liability Management at Kansas City Southern de Mexcico
Shalene Thomas Keeping Your Eye on a Moving Target - Effective Risk Management Approaches for Emerging Contaminants