Remediation - NAPL: Moderator: Chuck Cline - Cardno
Room: Illini Rm A - 3:30 - 5:10

Speaker Presentation Title
Peter Guerra
Marie Dowd
Sorab Panday
Ravindra Dwivedi
Paul Kurzanski
GIS-based Method for High-resolution Mapping of LNAPL Plume Transmissivity, Recoverability and Longevity: Case Study at CSXT Stadium Project
Stewart A. Emhof
Matt Graham
Innovative In-Well Oil/Water Separator for LNAPL Recovery
Jeff Gentry
Tom Hutchinson
Geoff Reeder
How to Remediate a Tie Treating Plant with an Active NAPL Discharge without Long-Term Operations and Maintenance
Keith Piontek
Keith Woodburne
Jason Leik
Scott MacDonald
Insights into NSZD Rate Measurements of LNAPL
Trevre Andrews
Morgan Bruno
Gary Honeyman
Longevity Analysis Using LNAPL Distribution and Recoverability Modeling