Compliance (cont.): Moderator: Leo Thorbecke - AECOM
Room: 314 - 3:30 - 5:35

Speaker Presentation Title
Kevin Keller
Aubyn Williams
Keith Brinker
The Trouble with Towers
Marty Marchaterre
Mary Motte Fikri
Rich Stallings
Keith Brinker
Cultural Resources Clearance - Always Expect the Unexpected. CSXT Inspection Yard Project, Casky, KY
James Cunningham
Peter T. Masson
Does Your Rail Yard Really Need a Facility Response Plan?
Laura Lawlor
France Moreau
Understanding Changes to the Fisheries Act and the Impact on Rail Industry Projects
Eric Chang Utilization of an Environmental Management Information System for an Environmental Auditing Program
John Hasterlo
Christopher Gunn
Craig Schellbach
Fueling Systems Compliance - Inspect, Report, Repair and Maintain for Efficiency