Conference Presentations

Tuesday, October 28th

Session 1 - Plenary
Welcome and Introduction
Christopher Barkan
Improving Compliance & Reducing Liability Through Employee Awareness
Kimberly Vaughn, Ray Hays
Environmental Issues Affecting the Association of American Railroad
and North American Rail Industry
Robert Fronczak
Re-thinking Risk: Establishing a More Comprehensive View
of Environmental Risk in the Age of the Internet
Domonic Lees
CSX Curtis Bay Piers - Intelligent Stormwater Management to Achieve Zero Discharge
Scott Landers, John C. Calhoun
A Framework for Sustainable Remediation Applied at a 100-Acre Railroad Remediation Site
Currie Mixon, Scott Keating, C. Russell McDaniel
AAR Environmental Excellence Award
Robert Fronczak

Session 2 - Risk & Liability Management
Research of Inactive Wells along Railroad Rights-of-Way using Historical Interstate Commerce Commission Records
Craig Larson, Scott Zurn, Davidson Ward
Closure Strategies for Legacy Environmental Sites
Leroy Leonard, Duane Graves, David Patten, L. Christopher Oakes, Steven Aufdenkampe
Managing Continuing Obligations Associated with Contaminated Site Closure Using a GIS
Andrew Mott, Sarah Lemoine, Dennis Lawton, Maura Matthews, Yves Decoste
Facility Decontamination, Demolition and Decommissioning; How to Maximize Assets, Identify Costs and Minimize Risks
Michael Kraeski, Matt Graham
Determination of Environmental Liability Costs During Railway Divestitures in Canada
Tim D. Westgate, Paul J. Kurzanski, Daniel S. Dyer
Proposed EPA Changes in the Toxicological Assessment of Benzo(a)pyrene and the Potential Impact on Corrective Actions at Railroad Sites
Brian Magee
Managing Environmental Risks When Third-Parties Seek Access to Your Site
John Gullace, William Parry, Julia B. Herron, Michael T. Feamster
Risk and Liability Management at Kansas City Southern de Mexcico
Timothy Wippold, Carl Akins, Miguel Antonio, Flores Puente
Keeping Your Eye on a Moving Target - Effective Risk Management Approaches for Emerging Contaminants
Shalene Thomas

Session 3 - Environmental Response & Emergency Planning
"Conflagration, Collaboration and Corrective Action" - Early Community Engagement, Multi-Disciplinary Teamwork and Innovative Decision-making Leads to Rapid and Effective Emergency Response to the Rosedale, MD Derailment & Explosion
Megan Kellner, Dave Polter, S. Michael Austin, Paul Kurzanski
Characterization and Remediation of Lac-M├ęgantic
Denis Millete
Implementing Preventative Measures to Resolve a Violation Notice - A Collaboration of Multiple Railroad Departments
Kevin Peterburs, John Hasterlo, Geoff Reeder
Use of Hyrdology and Hydraulics to Support Environmental Response at a Derailment Site
Dilan Singaraja, Ryan Sheppard, Jeffrey Peister

Session 4 - Sustainability
Modernizing a Historic Mode of Transportation
W. Troy Neisz, Lucien Tender, Keith Brinker, D. Dale Dowling
Sustainability at Amtrak: From Policy to Program
Celia Ann Pfleckl, Joanne Maxwell
Environmental Assessment of Rail Infrastructure in Illinois
Ning Ai, Marcella Bondi, Anthony Grande, Shuo Ma, Shi Yin

Session 5 - Stormwater & Wastewater
Development and Implementation of Corporate Storm Water and Waste Water Standards - Canadian Pacific
Ted Bailey
Defining All Known, Available, and Reasonable Methods of Prevention, Control, and Treatment (AKART) for Industrial Stormwater
Ross Dunning
Amtrak Best Practices in Implementation of Current Storm Water Program in Southern California and Effect of New California Industrial Permit
Maheshwar Mettu
Challenges of Handling Storm Water Runoff through Municipal Sewer Systems
Gaymeon Gibson, Mark Neal
Waste Reduction through Innovative Sludge Dewatering
Stuart Boykin, Donnie Seward
How to train your OWS Dragon!
T. Chris Evenson
Rags To Riches: Transforming A USEPA CERCLA Hazardous Waste Site Into A Wildlife Habitat
Anthony Hoffman, Ronald Leins, Todd Falkner, Paul Kurzanksi

Session 6 - Environmental Planning of Passenger & Freight Rail Projects
Comparison of Passenger Train Energy Consumption with Competing Modes
Giovanni C. DiDomenico, Tyler Dick
Leveraging Transit Lines and Properties for Community Revitalization: A NJ TRANSIT and City of Paterson Partnership
Ileana Ivanciu, Charles Stebbins, John Geitner