William W. Hay Railroad Engineering Seminar

William W. Hay William W. Hay speaking about High Speed Rail in Illinois in the 1970's.

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Spring 2017

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Previous Seminars


Date Name Company Title Room
1/27 @
12:15 pm (Central)
Dimitris Rizos University of South Carolina High Strength Reduced Modulus Concrete for Prestressed Concrete Railroad Ties

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2311 Yeh Center
2/17 @
12:15 pm (Central)
Nick Chodorow Chris Murphy
Aneet Shourie
Belt Railway Company of Chicago Implementation of Positive Train Control at the Belt Railway of Chicago and
other non-Class I Railroads: Challenges and Solutions

To listen to a recording of this previous seminar, use this web link:
2311 Yeh Center
4/21 @
4:00 pm (Central)
Allan Zarembski University of Delaware Fundamentals and Selected Technical Issues for High Speed and Heavy Axle Railroad Engineering

To listen to a recording of this previous seminar, use this web link: https://recordings.engineering.illinois.edu:8443/ess/echo/presentation/4dd1360c-f4eb-4d5a-ab46-23cce3cc843d
1310 Yeh Center
4/28 @
12:15 pm (Central)
Eric Gehringer Union Pacific Railroad 7 Disciplines of Engineering at Union Pacific Railroad

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2311 Yeh Center