2017 RailTEC Short Course


Course Requirements

Are there any prerequisites for any of these 3 courses? I have a BS in Civil Engineering but no rail experience.
There are no specific prerequisites. With a BS in Civil Engineering you will have sufficient background knowledge for any of the three courses.

Is the Railway Engineering required/preferred to be taken prior to the HSR course? Or are they independent?
No. All three courses are independent of each other.

Course Content

Are these short courses compressed versions of classes available for the online certificate program? Are they taught by the same professors? Or are the independent?
The short courses are taught by the same faculty as our on-campus and online railroad courses. The short courses do include some lecture material from our online railroad courses. However, they also include materials from campus-only rail courses that are not currently offered online, along with original content developed specifically for each short course.

For more information, please email railtec-shortcourse@mx.uillinois.edu