Joint RailTEC/KTH Courses

October 2014: Railway transportation demand for both freight and passengers is increasing throughout the world. A special characteristic of the railway system is that the vehicle and infrastructure are extremely dependent on each other. An understanding of the dynamic interaction between vehicle and track is crucial for an engineer working in the railway sector.  To provide students with a deeper background in mechanical and electrical concepts related to railway design, RailTEC has partnered with the rail research group at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden to offer joint courses.  Starting in the 2014-15 academic year, UIUC students may enroll as online students in the following rail courses taught by KTH faculty:

  • CEE 498 RVT | Rail Vehicle Technology
  • CEE 598 RVD | Rail Vehicle Dynamics
  • CEE 598 ET | Electric Traction

The course exchange with KTH is a first step towards establishing a common curriculum for a joint degree program in Railway Vehicle-Track Engineering between UIUC and KTH. Click here to learn more.