RailTEC Graduates Three Ph.D. Students

Three RailTEC scholars successfully completed, defended, and deposited their Ph.D.’s this semester. Congratulations to Dr. C. Tyler Dick, Dr. J. Riley Edwards and Dr. Chen-Yu Lin. All three were advised by Professor and George Krambles Faculty Fellow Dr. Christopher Barkan. Dr. Edwards’ dissertation title was: Quantification of Prestressed Concrete Railway Crosstie Flexural Response: Implications for Mechanistic Design, Dr. Dick’s was: Influence of Traffic Complexity and Schedule Flexibility on Railway Classification Yard Capacity and Mainline Performance and Dr. Lin’s was: Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Railroad Train Adjacent Track Accidents. This is not the first hat trick for Professor Barkan. In a three month period two years ago, he shepherded another set of three RailTEC students to successful completions of their Ph.D.’s.

Professor Chris Barkan, left, congratulates Dr. J. Riley Edwards, Dr. C. Tyler Dick and Dr. Chen-Yu Lin on their graduation.


Bound copies of the completed dissertations.