One-Week Virtual Short Courses Available

RailTEC invites you to attend one or both of our one-week railway engineering short courses. Week One focuses on Track Engineering Fundamentals while Week Two focuses on Railroad Project Design. Both courses will be held in July 2021 and each course will run virtually on Monday – Thursday for four hours each day. Participants earn 14 professional development hours. Past attendees include rail professionals, engineers, planners, consultants and more from employees throughout the rail industry.  Registration is open now. For more information, click here to go to the Railway Engineering Short Course website.

Track Engineering Fundamentals
12-15 July 2021 | Noon-4pm CDT
Lead Instructor: Conrad Ruppert

    • Monday: Introduction; Rail; Crossties & Fasteners
    • Tuesday: Ballast & Subgrade; Drainage; Slab Track; Turnouts & Special Trackwork
    • Wednesday: Track Structural Analysis; Track Structural Design
    • Thursday: Track Standards & Inspections; Track Maintenance Technologies; Asset Management & Life Cycle Costs

Railroad Project Design
19-22 July 2021 | Noon-4pm CDT
Lead Instructor: Tyler Dick

    • Monday: Introduction; Horizontal Track Geometry
    • Tuesday: Vertical Track Geometry; Cross Sections & Earthwork
    • Wednesday: Railroad Location; Location Referencing & Track Charts
    • Thursday: Project Phasing; Project Cost Estimation

The course focuses on three general topic areas (track structure design, track geometry/project design and train resistance/motive power/rolling stock).  Attendees with a stronger background in one area can still learn about other aspects of railway engineering and the interrelationships between them. In gaining a greater appreciation for the holistic view of rail transport as a system, attendees can make better engineering decisions in the future. The short course is an excellent networking opportunity to meet others engaged in various facets of the rail industry.