RailTEC Instructors Ranked Excellent

Despite the challenges of teaching online during the pandemic, RailTEC instructors Chen-Yu Lin and Tyler Dick were ranked as excellent by their students in Spring 2021. Tyler taught CEE 411 ‐ Railroad Project Design & Construction and Chen-Yu taught CEE 498TSR – Transportation Safety and Risk.

CEE 411 | Railroad Project Design and Construction

This course provides a comprehensive, integrated understanding of the process of planning and designing a railroad-engineering project from concept through to operation. The class will focus on five elements of a railroad project: Economic analysis, Planning, Design, Construction, and Operation. Students will work in teams to identify, gather and analyze the necessary information, to plan and manage a new railroad construction project.

CEE 498TSR | Transportation Safety and Risk

This course provides an introduction to transportation risk concepts, risk management framework and risk assessment methodologies to address safety and security of freight and hazardous materials transport by railways, roads, waterways and pipelines. Students learn about the tools needed to perform comprehensive mode-specific and multimodal transportation risk analyses. Each student is expected to work on a specific transportation safety problem of his/her interest, and identify, assess and mitigate the risk.

These lists are compiled by the University on a semester basis and reflect student ratings of instruction.  The ratings are based on Instructor and Course Evaluation (ICES) questionnaire forms maintained by Measurement and Evaluation, Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning. A full list of Illinois teachers ranked excellent can be found here: https://citl.illinois.edu/citl-101/measurement-evaluation/teaching-evaluation/teaching-evaluations-(ices)/teachers-ranked-as-excellent