CEE 498HRM | High-Speed Rail Construction Management

High-speed rail (HSR) passenger transportation systems have been, or are being, developed in dozens of countries around the world. Recent plans for development of HSR in North America require engineers to understand the engineering, as well as the planning, economics, construction, operation, maintenance, management and other principles of HSR elements, in order to successfully develop the system. This course will review the characteristics of a HSR construction project, and introduce the phases and processes of constructing a HSR system. The students will then learn how to manage HSR construction phases and processes. Students will learn the principles and methodology of preparing project charter, scope statement, management plan, project master schedule and schedule management plan; project cost and cost management plan; and project organization and quality management plan. Students will also learn how to manage the project risk, procurement and interfaces. Then students will be taught the principles of executing, monitoring and controlling a HSR construction project. Finally, the students will be taken through the final phase of constructing a HSR system: testing, commissioning and trial operation. Real case studies will be used to illustrate the application of the presented methodologies. These case studies will include examples from high speed rail projects in China, Taiwan, and California.

CEE 498HRM is not currently offered at this time.