Building condition assessment metrics: Best practices

Uzarski, D.R. and M.N. Grussing. 2008. Building condition assessment metrics: Best practices. Infrastructure Reporting and Asset Management. 147-152. doi:10.1061/9780784409589.ch20.


This paper briefly describes the various building condition assessment metrics, including their strengths and weaknesses and how they support building infrastructure asset management. The approaches fall into two categories: monetary-derived and engineering-derived. Monetary approaches include backlog and the Facility Condition Index (ECI), both of which are economic or financial health metrics. The engineering-derived approach is the Building Condition Index (BCI) series, which is a performance health metric. Addressed in this paper is why both the FCI and BCI condition assessment metrics constitute a building asset management “best practice” when used together and computed from a distress-based inspection process.