Development of a prototype highway asset management system

Gharaibeh, N.G., M.I. Darter and D.R. Uzarski. 1999. Development of a prototype highway asset management system. Journal of Infrastructure Systems. 5 (2): 61-68.


A prototype methodology for integrating highway infrastructure management activities has been developed. This paper describes the analytical procedures and data integration and presentation methods as well as the geographic information system- (GIS-) based software system that ties together and implements the data and management procedures. Together these elements comprise the new methodology. There are four major areas of integration considered in the methodology: (1) Integrated computerized system; (2) network-level integration; (3) project-level integration; and (4) multiple performance measures. The network-level integration involves performing trade-off analysis to select candidate projects from various highway infrastructure components. The project-level integration includes identifying adjacent improvement projects from various infrastructure components that can be implemented simultaneously to reduce traffic disruptions. The project-level integration is performed in a spatial manner using GIS capabilities. The integrated system approach developed in this study for the management of highway assets was applied to five infrastructure components (pavements, bridges, culverts, intersections, and signs) of the state highway system in Champaign County in central Illinois. The sample highway application showed that coordinating project implementation is beneficial for highway agencies and users. It reduces disruption to normal traffic flow caused by rehabilitation and reconstruction activities in a 5-year program by 20%.