AREMA 2018

Over 30 RailTEC faculty, students and alumni attended the AREMA 2018 conference in Chicago during September. Here is the group shown with Mike Franke, Amtrak (Retired) and Dr. William W. Hay Jr.

2018 RailTEC Short Course

RailTEC offered a Short Course in August on the Illinois campus. Seventeen participants learned about practical aspects and the science behind railway engineering and transportation concepts.

Historic Locomotive Testing Lab

The Steam Locomotive Testing Laboratory, built in 1912, was torn down in August due to structural concerns. It was designed to test bearings under load as measured by a built-in dynamometer.

STEAM Summer Camp

Eleven grade school students spent the day with RailTEC faculty and students learning about railroad planning, construction and safety, as well as investigating the physics of rail transportation.

2018 Symposium

Over 150 attendees represented 11 countries and 26 states at the 2018 Int'l Crosstie & Fastening System Symposium. The symposium included technical presentations, research discussion topics and technical tours.

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