Affiliated & Complementary Courses

RailTEC Affiliated Courses

RailTEC affiliated courses are taught by other transportation and civil engineering faculty actively engaged in railroad research projects (RailTEC Affiliated Faculty). While not primarily focused on rail, these classes offer significant railroad content.

CEE 310 | Transportation Engineering

This course includes design, planning, operation, management, and maintenance of transportation systems; integrated multi-modal transportation systems (highways, air, rail, etc.); layout of highways, airports, and railroads with traffic flow models, capacity analysis, and safety. Design of facilities and systems with life cycle costing procedures and criteria for optimization.

CEE 418 | Public Transportation Systems

This course provides an in-depth overview of the fundamental principles of efficient operations, management, and planning of public transportation systems. In particular, this course analyzes the capabilities and limitations of transit systems; how to determine the optimal scale and layout of a transit system; and how to practically implement the design and operate the system.

CEE 509 | Transportation Soils

This covers occurrence and properties of surficial soils, soil classification systems, soil variability; subgrade evaluation procedures, repeated loading behavior of soils; soil compaction and field control; soil moisture, soil temperature, and frost action; soil trafficability and subgrade stability for transportation facility engineering.



RailTEC Complementary Courses

RailTEC complementary courses are elective courses that complement the core RailTEC railway courses offered by RailTEC faculty and help support research activities. While these courses may not contain specific railroad material, they are particularly useful in research and broader understanding of railway engineering and transportation issues. The list of complementary courses below includes courses within civil engineering, other engineering departments and other academic units on campus.


  • CEE 401 | Concrete Materials
  • CEE 468 | Prestressed Concrete
  • CEE 471 | Structural Mechanics
  • CEE 472 | Structural Dynamics I
  • CEE 507 | Repair of Civil Infrastructure
  • CEE 570 | Finite Element Methods
  • CEE 588 | Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

Safety and Risk

  • CEE 491 | Decision and Risk Analysis
  • CPSC 541: Regression Analysis
  • GE 530 | Industrial Engineering
  • GEOG 476 | Applied Geographic Information Systems
  • NPRE 461: Probabilistic Risk Assessment
  • NPRE 561: Adv. Risk Analysis for Technological Systems
  • STA 420 | Methods of Applied Statistics


  • ACE 563 | Optimization Methods
  • CEE 416 | Traffic Capacity Analysis
  • CEE 417 | Urban Transportation Planning
  • CEE 498 ML: Machine Learning in CEE
  • CEE 498 TE: Transportation Economics
  • CEE 512: Logistics Systems Analysis
  • CEE 598 UTM: Urban Transportation Models
  • IE 413: Simulation