Research Areas and Projects

Railway and Rail Transit Track Infrastructure and Components

  • Analysis of Track System and Component Performance
  • Mechanistic Design of Track Components
  • Optimization of Design and Performance of Track Systems
  • Life Cycle Cost (LCC) Reduction
  • Finite Element Modeling (FEM) of Track Systems and Components
  • Innovations to Improve Track System Safety and Performance

Railroad Safety and Risk

  • Hazardous Materials Rail Transportation Risk Analysis
  • Tank Car Safety Design Statistical Analysis and Optimization
  • Train Accident Statistical Analysis & Big Data Analytics
  • Shared Passenger-Freight Rail Corridor Technical Challenges
  • Development of Evaluation and Planning Models for Track Maintenance

Railway System Operational Performance, Capacity and Efficiency

  • Capacity and Performance of Advanced PTC Systems with Moving Blocks
  • Effect of Schedule Flexibility on Mainline Capacity and Classification Yard Performance
  • Classification Yard Capacity and Network Effects of Terminal Performance
  • Relative Capacity of Different Intermodal Terminal Configurations
  • Passenger Rail Energy Consumption and Emissions Relative to Competing Modes
  • Economic and Operations Impacts of Implementing New Locomotive Technologies

High-Speed Rail

  • High-Speed Rail Feasibility Study: Chicago-St. Louis-Indianapolis
  • High-Speed Rail Publications