Academics Overview

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Illinois) has the strongest academic program in railroad engineering of any university in North America, complimented by the largest and most diverse program of research on the topics. In the past 20 years the academic program has undergone significant growth, expanding from one course in railroad engineering to the present number of fourteen. The core railroad courses cover a spectrum of railroad topics while special topics classes cover additional railroad subjects. Unique among these are the suite of three High-Speed Rail (HSR) courses. The HSR Engineering, HSR Planning and HSR Construction Management courses provide RailTEC with a HSR curriculum that is unmatched in North America and rivals that of leading rail education institutions in Europe and Asia.

Illinois offers BS, MS and PhD programs in civil engineering with a railway transportation focus. In addition, the need for continuing education and distance learning options for the rail transportation community is filled by offering online classes through the Illinois CEE Online program, a new professional master’s program and a Railroad Certificate as well as numerous rail-focused conferences, workshops and short courses on railroad and related topics.

Illinois has been teaching and advancing the field of rail transportation engineering for over 100 years, and is committed to continuing in this role in the 21st century.