Railroad and Rail Transit Track Infrastructure and Components

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To assist the industry in improving system safety, RailTEC at Illinois has key infrastructure  research and testing thrust areas that touch almost all layers within the track structure.

fastening rail crosstie load


Track Loading Environment Quantification

  • Vertical, lateral & longitudinal rail loads

Fastening Systems | Traditional (spikes and anchors), Elastic, Direct Fixation, etc.

  • Lateral and longitudinal loads
  • Rail seat pressures
  • Displacements
  • Broken spikes
  • Rail seat deterioration (RSD) mechanisms

Crossties | Concrete, Timber, Composite, etc.

  • Flexural design
  • Moment quantification
  • Curl (due to temperature)
  • Load distribution

Resilient Materials

  • Under ballast mats (UBMs)
  • Under tie pads (UTPs)


  • Joint Bars
  • Under tie pads

Concrete Crosstie Literature

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