Scholarship Winners

Xinhao Liu
Matthew Parkes

Xinhao Liu and Matthew Parkes are winners of two of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 2020 scholarship awards.

Xinhao Liu received the CN Railway Transportation Scholarship. This scholarship was established in 2018 to encourage and support student excellence in rail engineering and is presented to an outstanding engineering student on the basis of leadership, scholastic performance, and demonstrated accomplishments and interest in railroad transportation at Illinois. It was created as part of CN’s support for RailTEC’s educational programs.

The Norman and Mary Carlson Scholarship Fund went to Matthew Parkes.  Established in 2005, this scholarship encourages students to pursue careers in the rail industry. Norman Carlson graduated from the UIUC College of Commerce and Business Administration in 1964, has spent his career in service to the railroad industry, and has written and published extensively on the history and technology of railways. Congratulations to both students!