EOH 2022

Engineering Open House 2022 – “The Power of Us”

Engineering Open House (EOH) 2022, with its theme of “The Power of Us”, was held on April 8-9. This marked the 100th in-person EOH and the first in-person EOH since 2019. Each year this event draws thousands of students, families, teachers, and science-lovers to campus to partake in a truly unique experience celebrating all types of engineering. This is the place to see cutting-edge innovations before they are popularized, and see how students are at the forefront of science and engineering. With limited help from faculty and staff, Illinois students ultimately take the reins in planning, developing, and executing the open house that draws in over 20,000 attendees each year. The first Engineering Open House was in 1920, and it is now an integral part of the Grainger Engineering experience.

Six rail related exhibits were on display. Three were in the Crane Bay in Newmark Civil Engineering Lab and three were in the Sidney Lu Mechanical Engineering Building.