Spring 2019 Class Field Trips

Both Spring 2019 rail classes took first-rate field trips in April. CEE411 (Railroad Project Design and Construction) went to the CSX Bedford Park Intermodal Facility on Tuesday, April 9 which allowed the students to observe containers and trailers being loaded on railcars and stacked within the facility. From there they went to the Metra 47th Street Diesel Locomotive and Coach Shop in Chicago where the class observed track and building construction for the current expansion of the facility, and ongoing diesel locomotive rebuild and bi-level commuter railcar rehabilitation programs. On Thursday, April 25 the CEE410 (Railway Signaling and Control) class went to Metra’s Signal & Wiring Shop in Mokena, where Illinois students learned about relay and microprocessor controlled CTC, ABS, APB, electric lock switches, and grade crossing warning system technologies. Students then traveled to CN’s Dispatching Center & Locomotive Simulators in Homewood to learn about CN’s network management and observe train dispatchers controlling train operations. They then tried their hand at operating a locomotive simulator at CN’s training facility. Thanks to everyone our students had an outstanding experience!